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I just opened up my monthly statement, and I saw an unexpected charge for $3.00. So, I called and asked what it was. She said it was the fee for getting my statement in the mail as opposed to electronically. I told her I had always gotten my statement electronically. She said I was wrong.

So, if I'm wrong, why do I get the following email every month?

"This is a Hancock Bank e-mail notification advising you that your bank statement is now available online. You have chosen to receive your bank statement online instead of having it mailed to you. Please login to Hancock Bank Online Banking to view your statement online. Please do not "Reply" to this notification."

I didn't change a thing on my account. BUT, apparently when Hancock decided to change up all of their account types, they also took it upon themselves to change me from paperless to paper statements JUST SO THEY COULD SNEAK IN THAT MONTHLY FEE. And, they never notified me that they were changing me to paper statements.

Unscrupulous, to say the least.

This reviewer shared experience about "deceptive and dishonest practices" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $3. amov_la is overall dissatisfied with Hancock Bank and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about hancock bank checking account at Hancock Bank was service hidden fees Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Actually, this change was disclosed to all account holders before it went into effect, as part of a lengthy update to the terms of the User Agreement.Becoming or remaining "paperless" now requires you to officially opt-out of receiving hard copies.


Perhaps...but the onus falls on the consumer; due diligence involves reading (and understanding) a contract and it's terms.You should try it sometime......

to JGoldberg Magee, Mississippi, United States #1083447

You should try reading sometime, as well; or, at least being polite.As my complaint stated, I had already opted out of receiving hard copies and had received email confirmation to that effect.

Now, since this is a cursory online complaint, not a full legal brief of every detail, I will clarify just for you since it seems so important to you, Mr. Obviously-A-Bank-Employee. I checked my account carefully when Hancock was making changes to all of their accounts. Everything was a complete mess, so I wanted to make certain there were no problems.

After the date for all of the changes had passed, my account appeared to have all of the correct options and information. I was still getting the paperless statement emails even after the account types all changed. In other words, my online account very definitely and clearly showed that I was receiving paperless statements. As a matter of fact, I have yet to receive the paper statement for which I was charged in December.

However, when I went to the bank to close my account, their records showed I had never enabled online access to my account. Even the bank employees were baffled because I was sitting there with a copy of my online account information that I had printed that morning. Without question, there was a problem at Hancock's end on my account.

I would suggest that next time you feel entitled to be rude based on a cursory online complaint, you might want to ask for clarification first.As shocking as this might be, you are not the only literate person on the planet.


They charged me $12 because they didn't notice that I had several accounts with very high balances.Six days after I questioned them they did credit the $12.

Good thing I noticed their mistake.I'm moving some of my high balance accounts to another bank.

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